Geode Grams

A Geode Gram is a gift for someone special to tell them how much they rock!  The labels that come inside the box are customizable for names and/or occupations (such as "Teachers Rock!", or "Mary, You Rock!").  Also, we are able to add a small note or message.  Please be sure to add your personalization request in the comments section of your order.

Geode Grams come in small and extra large sizes.  Small geodes are approx. 3-3 1/2" and weigh about 8-12 oz.  Extra large geodes are approx. 4-6" and weigh 2-4 pounds.  Small geodes fit in one hand; extra large, you need both hands. 

Some ideas: 

Send for appreciation to nurses, doctors, teachers (as our example in the photo shows), fire fighters, police officers, military and more.  They are great birthday gifts too.  Just let us know in the comments section who it is for and we will customize the label.  

For ages 8 to adult.  Extra Large geodes are heavy and more suited for teen to adults.

Free shipping in the USA and every order comes with a free gift!