About Us

(The state of the economy is hitting everyone extremely hard. Increased prices on inventory, shipping, fees and gas are making it very hard to survive.  We have decided to offer more a la cart (single) items and gift boxes to lower the price points associated with actual subscription boxes.  All subscription boxes will still be offered. Together we can support each other and get through these hard times. Thank you)  

Hi, I'm Lori and I'm a rock star.  OK,  I'm not really a rock star but I have to tell you, I love rocks.  I mean, I really love rocks!  And that is how the Geode Club came about.  As long as I can remember I have been intrigued by rocks and minerals.  Also, my background in retail toys and as an educator has taught me something, everyone love rocks too!  In fact, I have not met too many kids and adults that don't like them.  So what makes them so fascinating?  Maybe, it's because no two are alike.  They're special, just like us!

I had the idea for the Geode Club years ago, however, everything changed the day my 12-year daughter became gravely ill.  A few weeks later, just days after her 13th birthday, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and our world came crashing down.  My daughter fought through thirty grueling chemotherapy treatments as well as fifteen radiation treatments.  A year into her ordeal, she achieved remission.  She is in the post-treatment phase of her journey.  We are looking forward to the day she is considered cured.

So the Geode Club is a labor of love.  Not just a love for rocks, but for the love of my child.  She is strong like a rock!!  

We dedicate our business to all of the children still fighting cancer. You are the true rock stars!!!!!


Please consider donating a toy or gift to a local children's hospital near you.  Normally, the biggest need is in these ages groups: Birth to 2 years old and teens 13-19 years old.  

For teens: Gift cards for $5 or $10 from Amazon, Walmart & Itunes, headphones, journals, teen movies PG-13 (keep them upbeat), baseball cards, teen magazines, nail polish kits, hand-held games, crossword puzzles, word search, etc.  All items must be new. 

Geodeclub.com will be donating to this cause and we will post updates.

Update! June 2019 

My daughter had her follow up and all went great!!

She handed out Geodes to 8th floor, Cancer and Blood Disorders.  We hope it added some sparkle to the day of the children still fighting!

Update June 2020 Jen has hit her five year, cancer free anniversary.  YES!!!  

Update 2021 getting some great items ready for donation to CT Children's Hospital. We are sending sequin snakes, brain teaser puzzles and of course, GEODES!

Update Oct 2021 The hospital received the package! Woot Woot!