Geode of the Month

Geode of the Month is a great way to start collecting geodes.  We have two choices. Brazilian geodes or Geodes around the world.

Brazilian geodes that have been cut and polished so they can be displayed and admired. Included: 1 Brazilian polished half geode specimen approx. 2" to 2 1/2"  (if smaller we will send two) Educational and or product information & a surprise or two because who doesn't like surprises!  

Geodes Around the World: Box #1 has a beautiful small cut and polished geode (see above for size). Box #2 has two break open geodes from Morocco and instructions on how to break them open.  Box #3 has 1 larger break open geode from Mexico.  

Kids & adults love them!  Always a best seller! This is a 3-month pre-paid box and it is perfect for ages 8 to 108.