Geode Subscription Box- Extra Large Geodes - Brazil

Regular price $225.00

Stunning Brazilian extra large geodes have been cut and polished so they can be displayed and admired.  No two are alike. 3-month pre-paid subscription box.

Included each month is one beautiful extra large Brazilian polished half geode specimen and a surprise because who doesn't like surprises! Geodes range in size and shape.  Extra Large geodes are approx. 5" or more & weigh 1 1/2 pounds to over 3 pounds.  Every piece has crystals inside.  This is the only subscription that may contain an amethyst geode.  We also offer a large size.

Boxes ship out between the 1st & the 7th of each month.  You must order by the 15th of the month to start your subscription at the beginning of the next month. 

Subscription Box Plan Terms: 3 Month - this is a prepaid 3-month term.  You will receive 3 boxes, once per month for 3 consecutive months. There are no refunds, returns or cancellations on subscription boxes and by ordering you agree to the terms.  Your credit card will be charged upfront for 3 boxes.  The plan does NOT auto-renew, so you have control of your credit card.