Geode Club Kids Variety Gift Box Set

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Crack Open the Fun with our Geode Variety Box.  The box promotes learning, the joy of collecting and a sense of wonder for kids age 8 to teen.

Choose pink or blue.  Every set comes with a rainbow geode and Brazilian geode, a glass animal on an agate slab (they vary)

The pink set comes with heart or flower coconut coin pouch with surprise inside, a pink owl pencil sharpener, a flower, sun or smile mood necklace, a green or pink keychain backpak pal in pink or green (animal may vary)

The Blue set comes with a turtle coconut coin pouch with surprise inside, a blue pencil sharpener, a smile, eagle or sun mood necklace and a green or blue backpak pal (animal may vary)

Please let us know the name of the child. There are more surprises not shown in the photos.