Break Open Geodes - Set of 4 - Party Favor Box

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Geode Club offers a party box with geodes that are sourced out of Morocco & Mexico. These geodes have a beautiful crystalline structure composed of mostly quartz but occasionally you may find some with calcite in the center.

* Included are 2 Moroccan geodes approx. 2" to 3" & 2 Mexican geodes with a 5" to 7 1/2" circumference 

* 4 large 5" pouches to carry your geode treasure

* 4 instruction sheets on how to break open at home

* 1 Plastic Magnifier to share

* And 4 surprises because who doesn't like surprises!

Use for party favors, gift or stocking-stuffers.  Nice size too.  Many of the boxed sets online have very tiny geodes less than 1".  These are large and most have clear crystals.  Best seller!  Kids love them.

Ages 8 & up. *Adult supervision is required.  

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