All Year Crystal & Minerals Box

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Our All Year box comes to you once a month for 12 consecutive months.  Each box will contain one from item from the list.  Some boxes will have multiple items.  Here are some of the items you might find in a box: Coconut geode from Mexico that is highly polished, quartz crystal clusters, polished high grade pyrite or pyrite in limestone matrix, Brazilian geode, tourmaline in quartz matrix, amethyst cupcakes or amethyst clusters, large break open geode ( baseball sized), polished citrine or clusters, amethyst heart clusters, fluorite, oco geode box, agate slab pop socket for your cell phone, celestite, agate wind chimes, natural agate slab with stand, Geode on wood stand, amethyst on wood stand, bismuth (man made), Ammonite fossils in matrix made into heart shaped dish, agate candle holder large, mineral crystal pendants, necklaces, rings or another treasure.  

New things are coming in all the time. If you prefer not to have hearts and jewelry, please state "No hearts or jewelry" in the comments section when ordering. Same for candle holders.

* This is a pre-paid box and you are paying for all 12 boxes upfront. FREE SHIPPING!

If you prefer monthly billing for $39.99 a month, please email us.  Thank you

This box is for teens to adults.